Our home.


Coming to terms with my humanity…

I sit in a stir of molecules,
of elements,
of space between atoms
that somehow stick together to make the me that I am.

I look with eyes born of the very elements I perceive
and wonder with amazement at the great trick
our perceptions play on us…

Seeing in the Dark, Acrylic on Canvas 36"x48" 2011

Seeing in the Dark, Acrylic on Canvas 36″x48″ 2011



These images are the result of a preoocupation with space/time and the physical universe.  Upper left image is a rendition of subatomic particles after a collision.  Bending space is represented in lower right image.  The other two are experiments with liquid crystal.  The lower left image displays an otherwise hidden image as the ambient room temperature is lowered.  The upper right image will change when the temperature rises.


untitled images; 12x12 acrylic on canvas

Below, “Gazing” in two states, warm and warmer:


Gazing; 12x12 acrylic and liquid crystal on canvas

Gazing hot

Gazing hot;12x12 acrylic and liquid crystal on canvas