Must be My Tree Period…

I was out looking for inspiration today.  And I’m in the trees again.  

The original image has been mirrored two ways producing secondary images in the lace of the leafless branches.  In the first one, I see a nude woman’s torso.  The second image looks eerily like a holy man or an angel in a temple.  What do you see?



Yesterday was a crisp, clear autumn day, so I decided to take a drive into the countryside.  I ended up at the Monocacy Aqueduct.  This structure is an icon of American civil engineering, built before the American Civil War.  Confederates attempted to blow it up.  They were unsuccessful. 

Humanity and hope at the Inauguration

As promised, I have a few photos of the sea of people attending the inauguration.  An amazing thing it was to have 2 million people pushing through streets, tunnels, unsure where they were to go, cold;  wheelchairs, crutches, old, and the very young in slings around their fathers chest.  There is not much I can say that you have not seen or heard on polished news casts.  Something you may not have heard:  Many there in the crowds did not make it to the mall and missed the event due to volumn limits.  Here are a few shots from my perspective. 

The metro ride 7 am

The metro ride 7 am

pushed thru 3rd St tunnel to get to the mall

pushed thru 3rd St tunnel to get to the mall

Judiciary Square - finding a way

Judiciary Square - unmovable mass