Our Symbiotic Relationship

I find a certain beauty to corn fields. I love the symmetry of rows, the supple sound of stalks swaying in a breeze during peak growth, or the crunch of dried leaves after harvest. Greens and golds against blue skies are warm and comforting. These are sights and sounds born of human hands.  Corn is a grain we have nurtured to our will and to which we have become the slave.


Beauty and the Beast

For exercise, I take regular hikes through woody areas, some with paved paths; some are nothing more than deer trails.  Like many of us, I always have the ability to take an amateur picture… should I happen upon something that peaks my interest.

This is a case of strange beauty.  The rainbow effect spotted in the puddle of muddy water appeared to be oily.  I was disgusted by the idea of it and awed by its beauty all at once.  I will go back to the spot in the near future to determine the stuffs constitution.  It is my hope that the oily rainbow is an algae or some other natural phenomenon…..