The Moon and Sun Played together that day…


August 21st eclipse in progress dapples the ground through the foliage.


Mandala Moon Moves

“Oh, come sweet moon”….these new pieces by Marsha Mogowski are moon jewels touched with mysticism.  I love them!

 Although each can stand on it’s own, I like them together.  They evoke movement.  Together, they move like the moons of Jupiter.  Up close and individually, their jewel like qualities explode.

These images strangely bring to my mind a poem I had written in 1972…the poem was dictated…no, more like acted out for me in a dream.  A witch was standing in a pool of moonlit swamp reciting this “incantation”.  I woke from the dream and wrote it down:

Oh come sweet moon.
The wicked night has fallen deep
to cover us and kill us with dark…

…Light the fields a flourescent glow
and show..and show
the still night, the calm night, the twilight
the pain you have to give.

Where now? What to?
Give still, give few.
I want to see, but yet do not.
I am cool, and I am hot.
Yes I know, but I know not
where to go and what to….

Help, help, help!
Lend a stretching beam before I sink into the swamp.
I’m drowning, I’m dying.
I hate you, I love you.
But I need you.  And now I must go.  I am done.

That’s exactly it.