Humanity and hope at the Inauguration

As promised, I have a few photos of the sea of people attending the inauguration.  An amazing thing it was to have 2 million people pushing through streets, tunnels, unsure where they were to go, cold;  wheelchairs, crutches, old, and the very young in slings around their fathers chest.  There is not much I can say that you have not seen or heard on polished news casts.  Something you may not have heard:  Many there in the crowds did not make it to the mall and missed the event due to volumn limits.  Here are a few shots from my perspective. 

The metro ride 7 am

The metro ride 7 am

pushed thru 3rd St tunnel to get to the mall

pushed thru 3rd St tunnel to get to the mall

Judiciary Square - finding a way

Judiciary Square - unmovable mass


Humanity at the Inauguration

At the height of WWII, Winston Churchill was asked if he wanted to cut costs by scrapping the arts program.

“My God … my God … NO. What have we been fighting for?”

The human spirit lives through our art and the humanities. 

The District of Columbia is bustling in preparation for a visit of millions of citizens.  I will be there hoping to catch a few interesting images of humanity.  If all goes well, they will be posted as soon as I get back.    Stay toastie –