I Need More Balance

When I first launched my “self-employed” life, I knew I needed some serious luck to pull off a career in art.

I was interested in the idea of balance offered by the ancient Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui. I studied it.  My goal was to maximize good fortune, and of course, balance.

According to Feng Shui methods, the color red and the element of fire on a southern wall promotes fame, fortune, and balance.  I scanned my living room, checked out the where the sun rises and sets and discovered that the wall with the fireplace faces south. Good luck for me!  Fire – that’s one thing, but not enough.  I needed red, you know, for balance.  So, I created a red abstract painting and called it “Auspicious Good Fortune”. It was hung it on that southern wall above the fireplace.  Perfect.

Auspicious Good Fortune - acrylic on canvas 24x24

So, the question you are most likely asking is, ‘did it work’.
Answer:  I do fairly well.  Although, I think I should have studied further for therein lies the maximum benefit: To promote wealth and fortune, use the color purple on a southeastern wall.

Pull out the purple paint….I need more balance.