The Near Dead Deer

Blood gushes from the near dead deer,
The fury of her marrow spilt.
Poor dear…
I see in your eyes
the pain and the fear
as you’re lying there, still.
Beneath her breastbone, a gentle throb growing fainter.

Split the world!
Blood burns crevices as rivers flush through,
rinsing away traces.
And innocents float freely to blue skies
catching glimpses of red they left behind.

Enraged ghosts howl out of the ground,
whirling and whining,
avenging deer blood.

April 7, 1983, Poem by D Pomeroy in another life
Art by D Pomeroy 2010



White is the representation of death in some cultures. It has been a reference to the feminine or “yang”.   Others see it as purity.    

Scientifically, white is the presence of all wavelengths of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum.  Black is the absence of all wavelengths of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum.  

I understand matter and energy to be on both sides of the equation (E=mc2).  Light is energy.  Our bodies have mass easily converted into energy, our thoughts are energy.  No thing, mass or energy, disappears (except maybe into a black hole. Yet we really don’t know that it disappears, do we.)  It is an energy continuum.

I understand white as a symbol of death if death is a transition of the matter and energy of which we are made into the continuum.     

The image entitled “White River” is my example of life flow and energy movement.  To me, this is immortality. 

White River 2010, 24x24 mixed media

White River 2010, 24x24 mixed media

Two more images are to follow in the near future.  They belong to this one and will have properties of “art reacting to the viewer” that I spoke about in an earlier blog.