Moonrise in the Woods

Latest work – 36″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas (sold)


Lots of texture in details:


Who’s the Jim Morrison Fan?

I found progressive photo images of the painting that has become the header of this blog.  So, I put them together to make a one minute movie. The piece is acrylic on canvas, 3′ x 4′, and is titled “Portrait of a Girl.”   Everyone who sees this piece asks, “Who’s the Jim Morrison fan?” which has me considering a title change.  I have to admit, I see the resemblance.

Here it is:

Seeing in the Dark

Finally, I am able to release this finished piece.  It is called  “Seeing in the Dark”.  It was a difficult one to photograph. I purchased a special art display lamp to hang over it for better illumination. It is truly like seeing in the dark.

This piece must be viewed up close and in person to experience the richness of color and texture.

48"x36" mixed material and acrylic on canvas

The Most Difficult thing to do for an Artist

I made this piece for my sister as a birthday gift.  A few years ago, she said she wanted a painting of rocking chairs.  Rocking chairs!  I was uninspired.  Yet, this was a special birthday for her so I had to give it a go.  After several renditions, I finally feel comfortable with it.

Rocker detail

Rockers, 24" x 24" Acrylic on canvas