Abstract Art Ignites Ingenuity

Art sparks ingenuity and creativity. The bold colors of modern art stimulate the mind….. Add some to your workplace.


Out of the Woods

"Woods" detail

I finally finished a piece that has caused me a great deal of angst, then joy. Work on this canvass has been ongoing for over a year.  It has been reworked at least three times. Translation:  I have said “I hate this!” at least three times.  That is the wonderful thing about exploring creative outlets.  It is called Woods.

"Woods" 40"x30x mixed media

Our Creative Selves

Now is the time for creativity to blossom.  We need our arts to relax our inner selves from the pressures of survival.  We need creative thinking en mass.   

We need inspiration. We need to be stirred by music, joined through literature. 

Yellowstone 2009

Yellowstone 2009

Now more than ever, we need to be soothed and caressed through objects we make, objects that delight and surprise, objects that cause us to contemplate our existence. 

These are worthy enterprises.