I Found Myself

I found myself
That silent one,
The one that watches quietly.

I found myself,
The one that only listens;
not the talking, know-it-all, 
not that one.

I found my self,
the one who feels the hurt and sits in agony;
the one who feels the love and basks in it.

I found that still one.

I found my self,
the one who enjoys the sun rise.


D Pomeroy 24″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas

Our Symbiotic Relationship


CornCob Cornrow CornRow2 CornFieldCornontheRangeCornRows3


I find a certain beauty to corn fields. I love the symmetry of rows, the supple sound of stalks swaying in a breeze during peak growth or the crunch of dried leaves after harvest. Greens and golds against blue skies are warm and comforting.   These are sights and sounds born of human hands.  It is a grain we have nurtured to our will and to which we have become the slave.

Who’s the Jim Morrison Fan?

I found progressive photo images of the painting that has become the header of this blog.  So, I put them together to make a one minute movie. The piece is acrylic on canvas, 3′ x 4′, and is titled “Portrait of a Girl.”   Everyone who sees this piece asks, “Who’s the Jim Morrison fan?” which has me considering a title change.  I have to admit, I see the resemblance.

Here it is: