Moonrise in the Woods

Latest work – 36″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas (sold)


Lots of texture in details:


Art – affecting a response

Certain art has a way of overtaking your brain like water laden acrylic drippings, filling crevaces.  I found this happening to me with the works of Iona Rozeal Brown. 

I did not expect it to happen.  This is not the art to which I usually gravitate.   Yet, it makes me think again and again.  She combines the delicacy of Asian artistry with gangsta graffiti pop.  For example, “Shapeshifta” is a Samurai with an Afro making sexual gestures, has bold clean lines on a delicate backdrop – blue and brown and gold.  There is no grit, only juxtapositions of a harsh subject matter and delicate style.  Let’s face it, words are inferior.  That is exactly why we have people making art like this.  Look for yourself.  This work and others are exhibited at G Fine Art in Washington D.C. :

Ms. Brown has expressed a sore place of confusion with mixed races, making it beautiful.  I would love to meet her.