Out of the Woods

"Woods" detail

I finally finished a piece that has caused me a great deal of angst, then joy. Work on this canvass has been ongoing for over a year.  It has been reworked at least three times. Translation:  I have said “I hate this!” at least three times.  That is the wonderful thing about exploring creative outlets.  It is called Woods.

"Woods" 40"x30x mixed media


Something New – unfinished

This is a detail of an abstract I’ve been working on.   I may never finish, though this work has given me the impetus , inspiration and practice to move forward with another idea.

Represent Abstractly – When Is it finished?

I recently finished a piece commissioned by the James Rusnov- Nancy McCaffery team.  The challenge was to create an abstract image reminiscent of their home town, Cleveland, Ohio.   I chose to express the industrial feeling derived from the railroad tracks and iconic Huletts (massive ore-unloading devices).  To represent by-gone elements of the city, I used the gritty rust of the century old ore industry enhanced with a “Pollock-esque” technique to reflect the steel industry. It felt right to me. 

Working on this painting brought to the forefront the inevitable angst that cries out, “Is it finished?”  I would like to explore this sensation and invite others to share their own experience of determining when a piece is finished.  

 Click on the image to enlarge – see textures

Rusted Tracks 2009- mixed media on canvas - private collection McCaffry-Rusnov

Rusted Tracks 2009- mixed media on canvas - private collection McCaffery-Rusnov