Moonrise in the Woods

Latest work – 36″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas (sold)


Lots of texture in details:


Be the Tree

The tree symbolizes many things across cultures.  A few of these representations are rendered in this image:

The human figure is the tree as we are part of nature; arms branched up and out in celebration of life; roots anchor this life to the earth; a suggestion of the crucifixion in the way the legs are gently crossed, and the body appears to be hanging from the branched arms.

I am posting this in honor of the season.  I am not completely happy with it and will probably paint over it unless I get a lot of feedback to the contrary!  (The sketches looked great!)

Girl in a Tree

In my childhood home, a tree grew in the woods at the edge of the backyard whose large trunk branched gently over a ravine.  It was perfectly contoured for lounging.  And so, I did.  I spent hours in that tree, reading, writing, thinking.

This piece is an homage to that tree and my experience in it.  I call it Girl in a Tree, 45″ x 34″, acrylic on canvas.

detail - Girl in a Tree