The Truth Lies Here

“Truth” the word has many definitions.  It is, therefore, difficult to argue.  Truth is illusive.  Finding it……

If truth is that which matches reality, then whose reality?  Everything that is, is true. It is dependant upon who is making the assertion, upon the perspective; dependent upon whose brain is making the observation.  Truth is subjective.

So never condemn a person who says, “I know this to be true”, and do not blindly take this assertion as your own.



The Question

An eight year old boy asked me, “What’s the point of all this, why are we here…how did all this get here?” (He waves his arms in a big circle indicating the world and everything in it)

First, I complimented him on his question.  This is a big question for such a young person.  This is the question that has been asked since the beginning of human history.  Great thinkers attempt to  answer.  They continue to ponder the question, the question being more important than the illusive answer.  That is what humans do.  Why?  Don’t know.

This child also believes in multiple universes….and Santa Claus.


These images are the result of a preoocupation with space/time and the physical universe.  Upper left image is a rendition of subatomic particles after a collision.  Bending space is represented in lower right image.  The other two are experiments with liquid crystal.  The lower left image displays an otherwise hidden image as the ambient room temperature is lowered.  The upper right image will change when the temperature rises.


untitled images; 12x12 acrylic on canvas

Below, “Gazing” in two states, warm and warmer:


Gazing; 12x12 acrylic and liquid crystal on canvas

Gazing hot

Gazing hot;12x12 acrylic and liquid crystal on canvas