Portrait of a Music Maker

I love this image.  Every pixel radiates self-assurance.  The lightning-electric element of the image against the blackest background is a perfect take of the subject’s persona.  The bullet-hole like crack in his sunglasses creates a  terrifying sense of survival.   In the background, a pyramid emitting streaks of lightning sets a tone of other-worldliness as a glimpse into the subject’s microcosm, a technique often depicted in portraits by the great masters of the Renaissance. (See below Genevra De’Benci, Leonardo Da Vinci)

Thist is a portrait of a music maker-sound man-tour manager of  the highest quality.    His name is John Sustar.  He works his magic touring Europe, the States and Canada with rock groups like Art of Dying, Hanzel and Gretyl, Head PE, Insane Clown Possie, Ventana.   (genre punk/hip hop and rock fusion)

copyright 2008 D Pomeroy

Genevra De’Benci, Leonardo DaVinci