Enlighten Up .02

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

-Mahatma Ghandi

Marsha Mogowski, 2010, from mandala paintings detail


I Need More Balance

When I first launched my “self-employed” life, I knew I needed some serious luck to pull off a career in art.

I was interested in the idea of balance offered by the ancient Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui. I studied it.  My goal was to maximize good fortune, and of course, balance.

According to Feng Shui methods, the color red and the element of fire on a southern wall promotes fame, fortune, and balance.  I scanned my living room, checked out the where the sun rises and sets and discovered that the wall with the fireplace faces south. Good luck for me!  Fire – that’s one thing, but not enough.  I needed red, you know, for balance.  So, I created a red abstract painting and called it “Auspicious Good Fortune”. It was hung it on that southern wall above the fireplace.  Perfect.

Auspicious Good Fortune - acrylic on canvas 24x24

So, the question you are most likely asking is, ‘did it work’.
Answer:  I do fairly well.  Although, I think I should have studied further for therein lies the maximum benefit: To promote wealth and fortune, use the color purple on a southeastern wall.

Pull out the purple paint….I need more balance.

Channeling Pollock

Jackson Pollock’s life represented the anguish an artist endures as he breaks through his own boundaries to reveal his true creative voice.  I made this painting in the image of Pollock’s signature style because I wanted to feel his process and honor his accomplishment.  (I transgressed by stretching the canvas before applying paint – Pollock dripped onto un-stretched canvas.)  Nevertheless, it was an exhilarating experience – this thing is heavy with paint!

Acrylic on canvas, 3' x 4'

Out of the Woods

"Woods" detail

I finally finished a piece that has caused me a great deal of angst, then joy. Work on this canvass has been ongoing for over a year.  It has been reworked at least three times. Translation:  I have said “I hate this!” at least three times.  That is the wonderful thing about exploring creative outlets.  It is called Woods.

"Woods" 40"x30x mixed media


Eureka!  A young artist of immense talent has come into my plane of vision.

His name is Cody Hooper.  He is a prolific painter and his pieces are large – but that’s not the point.  The textures he creates draws me in.  There is a pristine, elemental quality to his color use.  He claims to be inspired by Da Vinci and Georgia O’Keeffe, but I really think he is channelling Mark Rothko and Richard Diebenkorn in style; at the very least, he has the spirit of the American Abstract Expressionist movement.

Please go to his site to see his full body of work.

With Mr. Hooper’s work, we can sense a ghost of Mark Rothko’s classic abstracts.  There is difference:  With Rothko, we work to understand the raw beauty born of post WWII angst.   Hooper’s work is breathtakingly beautiful immediately.  In it, we see hope and life in the surface.  How does he do that?!

And surprise! Mr. Hooper has created several, very large, sheet music collage pieces that create a sensation that we have unearthed the composers original work that had been hidden away for centuries.  Lovely!

Please go to his site to see his full body of work. I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Eyes Have It

This is a detail of a piece I have in progress.  I love it when things come together…

Splash Portrait Detail - actual size 3' x 4'

I recently realized that I am extremely influenced by Jackson Pollock and maybe Da Vinci.  Add to that the edgy-lined cartoon images of the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Love that stuff!