Be the Tree

The tree symbolizes many things across cultures.  A few of these representations are rendered in this image:

The human figure is the tree as we are part of nature; arms branched up and out in celebration of life; roots anchor this life to the earth; a suggestion of the crucifixion in the way the legs are gently crossed, and the body appears to be hanging from the branched arms.

I am posting this in honor of the season.  I am not completely happy with it and will probably paint over it unless I get a lot of feedback to the contrary!  (The sketches looked great!)


3 thoughts on “Be the Tree

    • Thank you for your comment. I was not familiar with Sadequain. After a bit of research, I understand (and I am flattered). Sadequain was a very pure, spiritual, artist. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get this image to the point I had envisioned. I painted over it. I will always wonder if that was the right decision.

  1. duno Dep.. if an artist is ever right or wrong… cz his art is true to his inner self most of the times. i have seen both of ur works, n i liked both of them, but i commented on this one cz it incited sadequain-ish thing into my mind 🙂

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