The Most Difficult thing to do for an Artist

I made this piece for my sister as a birthday gift.  A few years ago, she said she wanted a painting of rocking chairs.  Rocking chairs!  I was uninspired.  Yet, this was a special birthday for her so I had to give it a go.  After several renditions, I finally feel comfortable with it.

Rocker detail

Rockers, 24" x 24" Acrylic on canvas


6 thoughts on “The Most Difficult thing to do for an Artist

  1. Oof, been there and done that! It’s always hard to paint when you’re uninspired. Because of that, I’m a binge artist. I dropped painting for about three years and then all of a sudden I had created twelve works of art in about two months. Your painting is beautiful though and I think you should be more than comfortable with it. I bet your sister loves it!

    • So you know! Thanks for the supportive words. I haven’t given it to my sister yet. She’ll say she loves it no matter what…but I’ll never know for sure! LOL.

  2. I think she’d be happy with this. Very interesting to look at and getting some good art! 🙂 I’d be honored for someone to paint form e. I totally understand about uninspired. I hate being told a subject to photograph, as it’s got to come from within for me. And inspiration can be hard to begin with.

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