The Root of All Evil?

Most everyone has heard the expression “money is the root of all evil.” Lately, I have been pondering this phrase as I study the markets and watch the flow of it. I don’t feel evil.

Setting the record straight, the quote is more like this:

“Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (Bible, 1st Timothy)

The operative word is “love”.   I like money. It keeps me warm and fed and provides amusement.  If I love money too much, will I feel the evil, be the evil or do evil things? Maybe.   I think we might call that greed.  Though, it does not necessarily follow that the extremely wealthy are greedy or evil.

A rare few do not pursue it.  But most of us do because we cannot really live off the land anymore. Our systems discourage it.    

I like the idea of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.”

The invisible hand metaphor describes how we don’t get things via the benevolence of the vendor, but by our own self-interests.  As we desire goods and services, we set the “need” and the value.  This need is met by a provider who will profit by providing those goods or services, thereby feeding the providers self-interest.

In our current global condition, most uprisings happen because people lack occupation in something that will provide them with a monetary benefit, so they can eat and shelter themselves and have things they are told they should want.

Our systems of interconnectedness are changing the world self-awareness. Historically, money has made it easier for us to trade and consume. Human population consumes global resources with the speed and profundity of a metastasized tumor.  (I apologize for the mixed metaphors).

We may survive if we stop behaving like a cancer ravonously devouring everything around us.  This is not evil.  It’s human nature.  Let’s slow down, shall we?


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