The Eyes Have It

This is a detail of a piece I have in progress.  I love it when things come together…

Splash Portrait Detail - actual size 3' x 4'

I recently realized that I am extremely influenced by Jackson Pollock and maybe Da Vinci.  Add to that the edgy-lined cartoon images of the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Love that stuff!


1 thought on “The Eyes Have It

  1. Deb, I’m interested in the detail on “The Eyes Have It” – when I first viewed the detail close up, I could appreciate the judicious use of color for contour, but could only appreciate and realize the contour when I stepped back from my computer and viewed the detail from a distance of about 7 feet. Amazing! Interesting use of J. Pollock technique, effectively remniscent of G. Seurat’s pointilism, or some kind of mosaic pixel art, where both the microcosmic and macrocosmic view are equally engaging! Pollock’s works of exhaustive abstract expressionism certainlty have visual appeal, but might obscure any image to which the observer might relate, whereas from your more controlled use of Pollock technique springs forth an image of the human face, the first image that a newborn latches onto and interprets the rest of the world to make sense out of chaos, seeking patterns and reason..

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