The Ancients

I enjoy studying ancient art.  It is a peek into the psyche of our ancestors.  Recreating their art assists discovery and understanding of the culture. 

The image on this page is a recreation. The original image of three Etruscan women is currently on display at the British Museum.  It is a decorated stone slab.    The Etruscans were known for their ‘liberated women’ or liberated view of women, among other things. 

As I recreated this image, I noticed the first woman on the right wears no head cover and carries no vessel. The woman in the middle carries a vessel that appears to be full.  The woman on the left carries an empty vessel.  Understanding the symbolism of a vessel (women as vessels), I wonder if this is a representation of women at various stages in life 1)youth, 2)child-bearing woman and 3)elderly.

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