Why Art? cont

It is times like these that propel artists into creative frenzies.  There is much to communicate.  I maintain that all art communicates something.  Art is expression.  Artists create symbols of thoughts, like extensions of words.

“If the world were clear, art would not exist” – Albert Camus

I like this quote simply and by itself.   Nothing is clear;  human beings strive to know their world, get clarity.  So, we question everything.  Our questions have given sight to a universe, metaphorically and literally.  Through the eye of a telescope,  we can spy on the universe – and ask more questions then reveal more.   Our technology provides us with new ways  to communicate and create.  You might ask a software developer why they like building software.  It is as exciting as making a sculpture or a painting to other artists.  That is the thing I am trying to get to –  

It is the artist in every one of us that communicates thoughts.  It is an amazing thing, how we communicate.  From one brain to another – symbols fly. 


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