Art – Luxury or Necessity?

What makes a being want to create art?  I think we can safely say that making a living by making art is not a motivating factor.  People who make art do so because they must.

In economic downturns is that art continues to be made.   Throughout history, there was never a time where art was not produced.  Art is everywhere.  It is a mode of communication.

Andy Warhol said “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” 

I believe this.   It takes a great amount of creativity to build a business.  It takes creativity to run a business.  Making a business causes a flurry of excitement for the proprietor in the same way any artist feels when an art piece is being made. 

The need to make art is always there.  Our prehistoric ancestors painted images in caves – wonderfully detailed pictures of their world.  Check out the caves of Lascaux paintings: 

Bottom line:  As a species, we need to make art.  It is a necessity.  We are compelled, driven.  Why? Now, that’s a philosophical question we can talk about.  Maybe tomorrow.


Marsha Magowski

Artist: Marsha Mogowski






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